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Sore Wa Himitsu Desu

I hope that my application is okay... I hope you don't hate me because of something that I said here. I'm a bit unsure about this application.

+ Name, Nickname, Alias, etc.: My name is Ana. I'm also known as Aninha, a pet form of Ana. Hum... Ah, I nicknamed myself as Celine Jules, Lady Une and Juri at some boards. Celine Jules ( Star Ocean 2 ) Juri ( Utena ) and Lady Une ( Gundam Wing ). These characters are awesome... Even though I'm nothing like then, I guess. Well, I dunno... Ah and there's rising_dreamer! I used a generator to get this one. ^^' I consider myself to be a dreamer.
+ Birthdate w/Year (13+ Only, Kiddies): 19.
+ If you were to give yourself a title, what might it be?: ^_^ I already gave myself one. Is ''Little Miss Indecision and Insecurity''.
+ List some of your strengths: I was unsure about this one, so I asked for help. I was said to be creative, kind-hearted, sensible, diplomatic, emotional, sweet, curious, caring, smart, funny, and hard working. ^^' I don't want to sound mean, but I don't agree on everything... I kind of dunno my strong points.
+ Now, tell us your weaknesses: I guess that I'm shy, insecure, nervous, clueless, naive, restless, worried, confused, indecisive, stubborn, impatient, too emotional, oversensible, hard tempered, paranoid, perfecionist, obssessive, secretive and a bit self centered. Sometimes I keep my emotions, my thoughts to myself and act either too serious or too silly. I have a guilty complex, low self confidence and a few communication issues. That's about it, I think.
+ What interests you?: Candy, music, books ( mainly sci-fi and fantasy ) dance, anime, manga, cartoons, history...
+ What is your opinion of food?: Food is good. And candy is love.
+ What is your level of poise?: I'm a bit of a klutz, I guess.
+ What might your energy level be?: A bit weird. I could say low, because I look calm most of the time, and I may not sound very active, but I can't stay without doing something. I always need to be doing or thinking something... So I can't say it... Hum...
+ Give us a run-down of your preferred attire: Usually confy, pretty clothes. Confy jeans pants, blouses, usually blue, black, pink or something, shoes... I wear dresses and skirts too. I love wearing dresses!
+ What is your moral inclination? The result was neutral. I have the feeling that maybe, I didn't take the right test... If I didn't, please tell me. I always try to be nice and polie but... To be honest, sometimes I dunno if I believe if there are things such good and evil. Sometimes I feel that... All you have are choices that can help lots of people, or only yourself. I dunno, that's not all the time, and maybe I'm just sounding stupid and weird. Anyways, I try to help people as much as I can, but then, I'm kind of a spoiled, slightly self centered brat. ^^'
+ What is the ideal environment for you?: Somewhere calm, near a forest or something, with plants, some little river near, animals... Lots and lots and lots of trees and flowers.
+ Say you were part of the Slayers world. What race might you fancy yourself as, and why?:
Dragons because they are so very awesome. Just kidding... I guess that you would be human, but still, I would like to be a dragon. Dragons can fly, and use magic and this sounds interesting.
+ As far as the magic in Slayers is concerned, what form would compel you most? Is there any reason why you prefer that specific type over the others?: Dragon Magic... If I happened to be a dragon. If I were a human, White Magic, in order to heal people, even though the idea of using Shamantic/Spirit Magic( Water ) sounds lovely too. Water is my favorite element. Even though air is a close second.
+ Now for a scenario. You are in the midst of a bustling marketplace with vendors selling their various wares as far as the eye could see. Suddenly, a non-descriptive chaos breaks out. What is your move?: First, see if I could help. If I would be able to help, I would help. If not,I would run and ask for help. Someone has to do something, but if I can't do it...
+ Is there any preference of a gender for the characters you will be voted from?: Nope.
*Finally, show us at least two pictures of your pretty face behind a LJ-Cut.*

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