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Sore Wa.. Himitsu Desu!

+ Name, Nickname, Alias, etc.: Halie (although goes by Shasta as well).
+ Birthdate w/Year (13+ Only, Kiddies): February 26, 1988.
+ If you were to give yourself a title, what might it be?: Uhm.. probably the Traveling Songstress or something cheesy like that. XD; I don't know.
+ List some of your strengths: I like to think I'm creative. I try to embrace a lot of different views (open-minded) and be supportive to anyone who needs someone to listen to them. I can be pretty empathetic to people's problems, and I've been told I'm good at cheering people up.
+ Now, tell us your weaknesses: I tend to be rather shy around people, even good friends sometimes, and I get super protective of them, even to the point I take on some of their problems as my own. Then that sort of spurs some kind of depression, etc. I'm also rather forgetful and more than a little clumsy.
+ What interests you?: A number of things, actually. x3 I love art, cartoons, video games, history/culture, good movies, literature, nature, my friends.. but I think one of the dominating interests I have is music. There isn't a day where I went without music. It inspires everything I do. On the playing point, I know how to play flute and piano, a little guitar, recorder, and drums, and I want to learn to play the violin and bass guitar someday. A little secret talent of mine is that I can play my nose like an instrument, no lie. XD
+ What is your opinion of food?: Food is awesome if it's done right. If it isn't.. then.. eeh.
+ What is your level of poise?: I'm so clumsy it's unbelievable. XD;; I have a scar underneath my right eye because of my tripping out of bed into my doorframe.
+ What might your energy level be?: Somewhere in the middle ground, but I tend to waver between low and high, depending on health or sugar intake.
+ Give us a run-down of your preferred attire: Usually jeans, some comfortable shoes (I love my chucks, what can I say?), a wristband/watch, simplistic earrings, a t-shirt or, more preferrably, something a little nicer (depends on how I feel), and always my silver crystal ankh necklace. It's come to be sort of my trademark. XD
+ What is your moral inclination? Probably Zealous Good.. I guess? I don't like to make waves if I can help it. xD;
+ What is the ideal environment for you?: Right near the ocean. It's the perfect place for me to be, because I feel released from any problems I may be dealing with at the time.
+ Say you were part of the Slayers world. What race might you fancy yourself as, and why?: I'd probably content myself to being a human, since it's relatively simple. XD; I actually don't know, haha..
+ As far as the magic in Slayers is concerned, what form would compel you most? Is there any reason why you prefer that specific type over the others?: Spirit magic/Shamantic strikes my interest.. probably because it's so unique to itself. It would be neat to manipulate an element.
+ Now for a scenario. You are in the midst of a bustling marketplace with vendors selling their various wares as far as the eye could see. Suddenly, a non-descriptive chaos breaks out. What is your move?: Probably go to see what's going on, and do what I can to help calm people down I suppose.. help them to get out of the way.
+ Is there any preference of a gender for the characters you will be voted from?: None at all, either gender is fine. :O
*Finally, show us at least two pictures of your pretty face behind a LJ-Cut.*

I'm the one in the blue on the left. :O!

A.. pretty scary photo. XD;;;;
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