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Sore Wa.. Himitsu Desu!

+ Name, Nickname, Alias, etc.: Nash
+ Birthdate w/Year (13+ Only, Kiddies): 1-17-80
+ If you were to give yourself a title, what might it be?: "Good-hearted Outlaw?" "Benevolent Badass?"
+ List some of your strengths: Folks always tell me the thing they like best about me is that no matter what happens I'm too tough to let it slow me down, or that they respect me cause I'm blunt honest enough to tell you what's on my mind even if it sometimes hurts. I've also been told that I'm extremely dependable and trustworthy, and people often come to me for advice. Besides that, I'm pretty good at all sorts of things high-tech. I'm an extremely hard worker, and once I set myself on a goal, I'm real focused on it, and refuse to ever give up or give in.
+ Now, tell us your weaknesses: My anger. Definitely. I can be pretty over-aggressive at times, and am real hard-headed. I can get so stubborn that I stop paying attention to everything else except what I'm focused on...the determination is good, but not when it turns into tunnel-vision. I also tend to get depressed quite a bit, but I'm too tough to usually let that show, and at times I'm so distant that folks don't quite understand me. Besides all that, I have the absolute worst luck in the world when it comes to women.
+ What interests you?: Drinking, fighting, working out, getting on people's nerves, women, rock and roll, anime and manga, roleplaying, football, baseball, martial arts, japanese culture, wrestling, racing, fire, computers and technology, motorcycles, trucks, collecting swords and knives, sarcasm.
+ What is your opinion of food?: Nice to have every so often. I'm not obsessed with it or anything, though. In fact, I kinda like burgers and fries and the simple stuff, moreso than extravagant meals.
+ What is your level of poise?: I'm fairly coordinated. I'm not a gymnast or anything, but I'm not very awkward or clutzy at all.
+ What might your energy level be?: Reserved. I'm slow until I have a mission or a goal, and then I get fired up and do whatever it takes to get the job done, not letting anything stop me.
+ Give us a run-down of your preferred attire: Casual. Jeans, cargo pants, t-shirts, tennis shoes or sandals. Whatever's comfortable.
+ What is your moral inclination? Chaotic Good, as best I can tell.
+ What is the ideal environment for you?: Forests, wild and natural surroundings.
+ Say you were part of the Slayers world. What race might you fancy yourself as, and why?:
Probably a Dragon. I'm pretty tough, agressive, have a temper, but still see myself as being very wpiritual.
+ As far as the magic in Slayers is concerned, what form would compel you most? Is there any reason why you prefer that specific type over the others?: Probably a combination of Beast Magic and weapons, with a smattering of random, useful spells that generally come in handy. Kind of a jack-of-all-trades.
+ Now for a scenario. You are in the midst of a bustling marketplace with vendors selling their various wares as far as the eye could see. Suddenly, a non-descriptive chaos breaks out. What is your move?: Well, first we have to assume that I'm not the one causing the chaos...heheh. But if I did see something like that? I'd get close and see what's going on. If someone was getting bullied, I'd step in to even the odds. If it's just random pranks and silliness, I'll start eating some popcorn and shouting "Hell yeah!" XD
+ Is there any preference of a gender for the characters you will be voted from?: Not really...whoever's the best fit. (Though if you do vote me as a girl, lemme know what guy I'm most like as well, for a second choice. I'm curious...)
*Finally, show us at least two pictures of your pretty face behind a LJ-Cut.*

They're real outdated, but I'll post to give y'all a general idea. And cause these are on a few of the other sites as well. I don't have many so bear with me...

This is an old one, but prolly the best I got though it's from my Senior year of high school. I'm #51, kneeling.

Gonna skip a few years, cause all my college pics had long, flowing hair halfway down my back. Don't look like that anymore, cause I had to cut it off for work. *grumbles*

Most recent one I got, aside from the ones where I'm cosplaying. A little small and hard to make out, but I'm the one in the green, over on the far edge.

Just in case the details don't show well in the pics, here's my basic description:
Hair's dark brown. Eyes are hazel. Build's a little heavier than average, but not desperately so. In fact, I'm a little trimmer now than I was in that picture from work, as even that was a year and a half ago. (I don't take many pics, and scan even fewer if you couldn't tell). I'm only 5'10", so I'm a touch on the short side. Kind of fair skin, with freckles, and almost always with a day or two's worth of stubble cause I hate to shave.

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