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Sore Wa.. Himitsu Desu!

+ Name, Nickname, Alias, etc.: Jess
+ Birthdate w/Year (13+ Only, Kiddies): July 14, 1983
+ If you were to give yourself a title, what might it be?: I’ve been named the “Doominatrix” on a few occasions by people who have never met each other before and therefore didn’t SHARE this with each other. I’m not entirely sure what they’re implying but I think it’s a bit catchy. So we’ll go with that.
+ List some of your strengths: Confident in myself and my abilities, determined, decent sense of humor, takes pride in myself, charismatic, reasonably intelligent.
+ Now, tell us your weaknesses: Can be arrogant and self-centered, temperamental, ridiculously vain (although it CAN be positive since it does lead me to take care of myself and my appearance), jealous tendencies, and picky.
+ What interests you?: Singing, acting, writing. I like doing things that get me noticed. I’m also into hair, makeup, things like that, and shopping. I also like taking walks and listening to music.
+ What is your opinion of food?: My pickiness and the fact that I’m very allergic/intolerant to many things makes it so most of it doesn’t really impress me. But what I DO like/am physically capable of eating, I am a fan of. I have a few choice things I like and I eat them pretty regularly. Most of what I eat is organic and vegetarian and gluten free (the gluten free bit is medically necessary, the other two are preferences). And for what I drink, mostly water and green tea or ginger ale with grenadine.
+ What is your level of poise?: I’m usually graceful. I do have my moments, although I’m very good at not being obvious about it so no one really ever catches on when I’m having a klutz moment.
+ What might your energy level be?: I generally have a lot of energy. I’m not ridiculously hyper or anything, but I’m pretty active at work and I still have plenty of energy to take a 4 mile walk every day and stay up all night.
+ Give us a run-down of your preferred attire: Nearly everything I wear is red and black. I’m a little obsessive about matching (my makeup is red and black, and my hair is black so it matches everything. Yes I dye it for that reason.). As for actual articles of clothing, I usually wear pants and baby tees. I’m always about the color coordination. ;P
+ What is your moral inclination? Chaotic Neutral
+ What is the ideal environment for you?: My own private hot tub would be fantastic! I’d also want a private room just for myself with lots of pillows and funky lights.
+ Say you were part of the Slayers world. What race might you fancy yourself as, and why?:
An elf. I’m all for the increased abilities.
+ As far as the magic in Slayers is concerned, what form would compel you most? Is there any reason why you prefer that specific type over the others?:
White Magic and Black Magic. They’d both be the most useful, in my opinion anyways. I’d want to be able to get rid of enemies and be capable of healing as well.
+ Now for a scenario. You are in the midst of a bustling marketplace with vendors selling their various wares as far as the eye could see. Suddenly, a non-descriptive chaos breaks out. What is your move?: I would get further away to see what exactly was going on. If it was something I – for some reason – really needed to get in on, I’d be able to see first and then do whatever I had to do.
+ Is there any preference of a gender for the characters you will be voted from?: I don’t really have any preference.
*Finally, show us at least two pictures of your pretty face behind a LJ-Cut.*

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