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Sore Wa.. Himitsu Desu!

+ Name, Nickname, Alias, etc.: Boko, Kakashi, Wildfire
+ Birthdate w/Year (13+ Only, Kiddies): 04/23/85
+ If you were to give yourself a title, what might it be?:
ex) Xelloss is the self-titled "Trickster Priest". Amorous Monk
+ List some of your strengths: Computer Wiz. Loving. Caring. I'm a good listener. I can adapt to new situations very quickly.
+ Now, tell us your weaknesses: Obsessive. Sometimes compulsive. Perhaps too amorous sometimes.
+ What interests you?: Technology mainly.
+ What is your opinion of food?: I love food ^^. Food is very good. But seriously. I haven't eaten in like 24 hours. I guess I don't usually eat all that much.
+ What is your level of poise?:
ie) Are you graceful, or can you be a complete klutz? Graceful
+ What might your energy level be?: Low. Usually.
+ Give us a run-down of your preferred attire: Anything comfortable.
+ What is your moral inclination?
ex) Zealous Good, Chaotic Neutral, Downright Bad, etc. If uncertain, take the test! Chaotic Good
+ What is the ideal environment for you?: Myself. Maybe a special someone I enjoy the company of.
+ Say you were part of the Slayers world. What race might you fancy yourself as, and why?:
ex) Human, Dragon, Beast Man, Chimera, Mazoku, Elf, Fairy, Nylpha Dragon. Just because I like them.
+ As far as the magic in Slayers is concerned, what form would compel you most? Is there any reason why you prefer that specific type over the others?:
ex) White Magic, Black Magic, Shamantic/Spirit Magic(Fire, Water, Earth, Air), Dragon Magic, Beast Master, Weapons Preferred Shamanistic. Shadow Snap FTW! XD
+ Now for a scenario. You are in the midst of a bustling marketplace with vendors selling their various wares as far as the eye could see. Suddenly, a non-descriptive chaos breaks out. What is your move?: Watch carefully and make sure it doesn't interfere with what i'm doing. If its really bad perhaps take cover.
+ Is there any preference of a gender for the characters you will be voted from?: Male.
*Finally, show us at least two pictures of your pretty face behind a LJ-Cut.*

Sorry none. Consider me to be looking like Wakka without the stupid clothes and hairdo. I'm about that build.
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I am torn. I want to say Gourry, for several reasons. First of all, this profile gives me a very laid-back feeling. And some of the answers occur to me as being Gourry--loving, caring, good listener (he TRIES, anyway, or at least that's my perception). And sometimes he can be a little too amorous if by amorous you mean "looking at/thinking about breasts." -_- Comfortable clothes and graceful also fit. You seem, rest assured, many watts brighter than Gourry. But I'm still voting Gourry.

(I can see where the previous voter got Xellos, but I disagree on the grounds of "loving" and "caring.")
Gourry Gabriev.

I seriously hope this place hasn't died. I'd cry my eyes out. D:
I totally agree with Gourry.

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